Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 During the early part of the pandemic my friend David Thornton and I started a longboarding podcast. It eventually became a more general skateboarding podcast, then we didn't do any episodes for about a years, and the last night we recorded a new one and changed it back to focus on longboarding again (though we do talk about other forms of skating).

You can find it here, or on Apple Podcasts, Sticher, or Google Podcasts, because fuck Amazon and fuck Spotify. It is called Frontside 360 Longboarding Podcast.


I need some longboarding back in my life. I have a number of freestyle footwork and flow tricks that I want to bring modified versions of to the longboard. I think it will flow. 

Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Flow

Been thinking about this a lot lately. Or over the last two days. 


I wish every skater had the desire and location to just to out and ride around on a board that rolls really well and do some carving around. Go medium or fast. Carve both ways. Bend your knees. Compress. Drag a hand on the pavement Z-boy style. Arch your back. Move your feet around Carve backside and grab a rail.  

Feel that force vector go through your body at an angle and into the pavement. Feel the tension of the wheels trying to break free. Feel how good that is. It is GOOD. It is just profound and deep simplicity. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

the Source

The weather this weekend was fantastic. We're in those few months here in Texas (weeks, really) in which our weather is perfect. Sunny skies, cool temperatures. So I dide unthinkable - I skated during the day. 

Today (Sunday) I went to Pandemic Parking Lot, but wasn't feeling it. Then I went to the little ditch I sometimes skate, but still wasn't feeling it. Finally I returned to the elementary school parking lot where I learned to skate as a young teen. I spent hundreds of hours here. 

I can honestly say that everything I currently love doing on a skateboard, I learned here. All the basics. 

I had a good time. Returning to the Sources is good. Reminds us who we are. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Cooler days ahead

I went out this last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, and skated a bit, but it was during the day with the full sun beating down on me and still over 90 F, so I didn't stay out very long. Looking forward to cooler days. Hoody weather is my favorite.

I read the other day that our public library is getting major renovations, so I'm hoping that does not include the area outside where my freestyle practice spot is. But spots come and go, and I'm prepared for the worst. That's the life of a skateboarder. As a public librarian (in a different city), I know that our public library is the most visited municipal facility, and it has been there since I was a small child, making it about 50 years old. It's an iconic building, but needs a lot of work done. 

So we'll see what they do. There is no need to change the area outside where I skate, but some people just can't leave well enough alone. And if they even resurface anything chances are they will fuck it up.

Which is why the ability to enjoy skating in a simple parking lot is so great. It would be a bummer to lose that spot though, as it is very special. Peaceful. 

I've been hanging a bit on a Discord channel full of people new to freestyle skateboarding. In many cases they are new to skateboarding in general. I think it would be hard to actually enter skateboarding as a freestyler. The sad truth is that starting off as a freestyler, I don't think people really learn to actually ride their boards. As a result, you get a lot of people who can do some tricks, but barely roll down the street. They lack the fundamental skills and comfort level you get from just growing up skating around your neighborhood. It would be very hard to learn, for example, Walk the Dog, if you can't even kickturn both ways with control and confidence. Or even tic tac without looking like you are struggling for your life. 

It is easy to learn "about" tricks and all sorts of stuff now, but I think it was better back when I started and you learned the very basics really well because it was all you knew about. 

I try to be open-minded, but there is one thing I am absolutely sure of and totally inflexible...

Skateboarding is about actually riding the skateboard. Ultimately, if you can't do anything but ride it well, that is enough. Everything else radiates from that core skill, so if you lack that skill, you are not going to have some real challenges ahead of you. 

I am trying to be encouraging in all respects and really encourage them to ride their board. They are all good people. Everyone has to be new sometime. Riding that board is just the best. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Birthday Session

Well, the other day was my birthday.  It was a quiet birthday, which is fine by me. Just me, my wife, our cats, and my skateboards. 

The weather was really nice so I got out for a skate session. My original intention was to film 57 tricks, one for each year. I got about 15 tricks in and realized that there was no way I'd have time to do it, much less the will. Then I realized it was stupid to go out on my birthday and undertake such an endeavor, rather than simply enjoying my skating. So that's what I did. I just went to the Pandemic Parking Lot and enjoyed.

They've done some minor construction over there so there were a lot of little rocks around. The trees have dumped many acorns on the pavement as well. I just dealt with it. That's the nature of Pandemic Parking Lot, and one is a fool to try to change the nature of people or places. Besides I didn't have my push broom with me.

Here are a couple of clips I threw together. It's just the usual - me skating around the way I do. 

I just love to skate.