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I'm Bob, a middle-aged skateboarder from Texas. 

Over the last 20 years I have written a lot about skateboarding on the internet. I've posted videos. I've blabbered and ranted. 

On this blog I'll do pretty much the same thing, but this will be more about personal reflections on skating.

From the day I became a skateboarder, some time in 1975 (or was it 1976?), nothing much else has mattered. That's an exaggeration. People have mattered. My wife matters. But while I like my profession and I'm proud of what I do, let's face it, skateboarding matters a lot more. When I was in school, and in college, that didn't matter. Besides wanting to read science fiction and play tabletop roleplaying games, only skateboarding mattered. I joke with friends that without skateboarding I might be more "successful" as the square drones reckon, but in fact I'd be a hollow shell full of stupid. Hell, I'd not have even met my wife without skateboarding! 

But more on all this as the blog develops. 

This blog will contain lots of words. Words, specifically the written word (in sufficient quantity and quality), are kryptonite to stupid people. And I HATE stupid people. So words words words to drive them away, back to the dank caves of sad ignorance which birthed them. 

I'm not really promoting this blog beyond telling a few friends about it. Will be interesting to see if anyone finds it. Probably not. Might be just as well.

Skateboarding is the Beautiful Curse. 

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